Camo Wedding Rings

Wedding rings have always been much the same; silver or gold, with a diamond or two. Traditional and lovely, but not much room for personal expression. Which is why some couples opt for unique camo wedding rings! With diamonds or without, these beautifully made camouflage wedding sets were first originally designed for military couples, but not anymore!

Available in many thoroughly awesome colors and camouflage designs, these wedding sets are delighting couples who just love the outdoors together. Seeing is believing, to discover the craftsmanship found in fabulous camo wedding sets. The variety covers animal tracks, camo colors and designs and raised leaf motifs.

Camo Wedding Rings

Sample Camo Style

Complete camo-themed weddings are becoming quite popular, and all wedding supplies are available in camo colors. Wedding guests will be amazed when they see the reception highlighted with camo trim, right down to the wedding rings! Due to high demand for these camo wedding sets from military couples, there are many authentic colors and designs besides the basic “U.S. Woodland”.

Camouflage designs in blue, green, pink and basic black, brown and white will express the military familys’ individuality and patriotism, or the outdoor couples’ love of nature.

Hunting and fishing enthusiasts soon found out about camo wedding sets, and now they are more popular than ever. Perfect for any outdoor-loving bride and groom, whether they go bird-watching, camping or enjoy recreational outdoor sports, these wedding sets will have double meaning.

Great as an alternative set also, or for an anniversary gift. Some fishermen claim they catch more fish by wearing their camo ring instead of a shiny metal one!

Camouflage wedding rings come in sterling silver, gold-plate or the most popular; titanium. The camouflage colors are inlaid and covered with layers of clear finish to protect their beauty.

Additionally, they may be set with one or more diamonds or Cubic Zirconia, if desired. However, simple camo wedding bands are distinctive and impressive also. Animal tracks can be part of the design added by skilled jewelers using laser etching.

Pricing for camouflage wedding rings runs anywhere from $150 up to $500 for a 3-piece set. This would include an engagement ring for the bride, and one wedding band for the bride and groom each, all matching.

Camo has long been a popular design with style mavens for everyday clothing, so it makes sense that camo wedding rings are too. Make your own statement as a couple, of stylish independence!